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The Saus Story



Founder, Seamus Dixon, has worked his way through restaurants for over 20 years. He is seen every position from every angle and has helped co-create the menus of burger joints, restaurants and cafes across Canada.

"At home, where I had slightly more time, I experimented to create food with innovative flavours, textures and ingredients. What became apparent, time and time again, was that the magic ingredient was always sauce." 

It is true, everyone loves a good sauce, and some may say a meal is not truly complete without it. His love for people far surpasses his love for food; that is what makes the food taste as good as it does.

The world needs hot sauce to warm our hearts, to mend our sorrows and make our food taste better”

Seamus Dixon


We are taste focused. Using the best plant-based ingredients we can source and ensuring there is balance and a depth of flavour in every sauce.

We believe in impact. We are committed to Canadian, hand made excellence. Saus is a family-owned local labour of love.  

We believe in simplicity. Striving to use less than 10 natural ingredients in each sauce that you can pronounce, without the use of additives or preservatives.

Saus is plant-based and gluten free.

Saus has no additives or preservatives.

Saus is uniquely flavoured with coffee.

Saus is a premium habit. 

Get ready to take your favourite food to the next level - with Saus