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Cooking with Coffee: A blog for those who love to cook and use coffee in their recipes.

 Cooking with coffee - it's a hit, especially if the recipe matches your taste. Furthermore do you frequently check out new recipes or food combinations? If that is true – then here comes “Saus” with an interesting combination of baking/cooking and coffee.

The wonders of coffee do not end at the tip of your tongue. The rich flavours of chocolate, caramel, and smoke, while satisfying in their own right, can be used in many ways beyond the regular. Coffee grounds can be used in baking recipes for added depth and robust flavours; in sauces for extra punch; and to give rubs an edge. Coffee is not only good to drink, it is equally good to eat.

 With its robust flavour and highly versatile culinary properties, Saus have taken coffee to new heights. Coffee acts as the base for all our sauces, adding a depth of flavour few ingredients can match. Here are a few examples of how we like to use coffee outside of our sauces:

Use as a Spice Rub

If you brew coffee at home, you know that you always have just a bit left over. Rather than toss it into the trash, add it into your spice shelf. This combo of ground coffee, salt, cocoa and paprika will add instant buzz into your dishes. It adds a unique taste to our White BBQ Sauce

Eat your Coffee for Breakfast

When is coffee not coffee? It’s not coffee when it’s taken as a supplement, as an ingredient, as a confection.

You already drink coffee in the morning, so why not eat it, too? Here are just a few ideas: Stir it into a deep, rich sauce for fried eggs; combine with butter for frosting or other uses that would otherwise call for powdered sugar; add it to your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Overnight Oats

Looking for a kick to your next batch of overnight oats? Instead of using water or milk in your morning smoothie, use a coffee blend to pack in some serious flavours. Along with the diabetes-defending properties of coffee beans, you can now enjoy a beverage as healthy as your breakfast.


Chili is a comfort food that's loaded with nutrient-dense ingredients like heart-healthy beans and lycopene-rich tomatoes. An unexpected combination of the two will make the perfect dish.


Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce made with tons of ingredients—the main ones being chili peppers and chocolate, with a variety of spices and naturally sweet foods. Coffee adds a delicious flavour, too!

 There are so many uses for coffee we encourage you to experiment and discover the benefits and joy of using coffee in so many ways.



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